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Where to find more help and information

We’ve tried to cover all the essentials of using diaspora* in these tutorials in as clear a manner as possible. However, there may be something you’re still not clear about or something that hasn’t been covered here that you want to know. There are also more technical matters such as setting up your own pod, which aren’t covered here.

On this page you will find links to other useful sites offering tutorials and more information.


About diaspora*

  • Of course, there’s plenty of information about diaspora* right here on our project site
  • The official project wiki – all you need to know about using, developing and installing diaspora*
  • There are pages about diaspora* and the diaspora* software on Wikipedia

User support

  • You can ask a #question about diaspora*, ask for #help, or report a #bug in public posts in diaspora* itself
  • Having a problem you can’t solve? Talk to us on our mailing list
  • Or chat to diaspora* developers on our IRC channel. If you don’t get an instant reply, try again later

Project progress

  • Project blog – where we announce major events and updates
  • The changelog – a record of diaspora*’s development, including features not yet released in the stable version
  • Discourse – the platform we use to discuss ideas and improvements for diaspora*


Other sites

diaspora* tutorials | Getting started in diaspora*